(Symbol of Emir)
His Royal Highness
Dr. ( Senator) H.Dantoro,con,Kitoro 111
Mai of Borgu
Emir of Borgu
Proposal to build a Monument in Nigeria to honour the location where Mungo
Park, together with his expedition team members perished in 1805

In 1805 The famous Scottish explorer Mungo Park perished in the river Niger during his quest to discover its route South and eventual termination to the coast. As the river narrows in Northern Nigeria close to Old Bussa, an overhanging rock provided a convenient platform in which to launch an ambush. As the African Association sponsored expedition, of some 30 people in several canoes approached this perilous section of the river,
local natives attacked the expedition team with spears, arrows and rocks sinking all the canoes.With the advantage of both height and surprise; these local inhabitants destroyed the expedition in a single operation.
The body of Mungo Park was never found and only one person was believed to have survived the attack. He was of African origin and subsequently returned to London and reported the sad loss of Mungo Park, together with his team members, to the African Association in Kensington. However, Richard Lander did manage to locate Mungo Parks pistowhich survived the attack and can be located in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society.
Following on from the ‘Expedition of Goodwill’ in 2004, HRH The Emir of Borgu has provided me with written authorisation, in which to attempt to generate both interest in this project and financial contributions towards this project. Such a monument will help ‘link’ our two Countries, promote ‘Goodwill’ and provide a world wide tourist destination for future generations
The exact location of the ambush has for many years remained unclear with only the account of the African Team member in which to go on. However, recent dialogue with HRH The Emir of Borgu has revealed its location as Bubaro Falls near Old
Bussa; the story being passed on by generations of local inhabitants. The construction of a Hydro electric Dam in the 70’s resulted in the entire town of Old Bussa being flooded and is now underwater in the Kanji Reservoir. However, the overhanging rock is still clearly visible and a suitable site on the shore line has been identified.

The International Lander Society is proud to promote this project together with its significant implications to both Nigeria and the UK; however, support is required in which to turn this vision into a reality. Please do not hesitate in contacting me via the ‘contact’ button on the home page, if you require any further information

Steve Dunstone February 2012