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1. A unique set of 12 mounted prints of views along the River Niger sketched between 1832-33 by Commander William Allen. F.R.G.S. who accompanied Richard Lander on his final voyage in Nigeria. William Allen returned to England as one of only 9 survivors of the 47 expedition members. A highly competent artist, the sketches were drawn 'on the spot' by order of the Admiralty, for the purpose of surveying the river. Originally drawn in 'ink' they provide some remarkable scenes in astonishing detail.

For the first time in over 177 years Richard Burch of has used modern technology and an impressive eye for colour to bring  these River Niger sketches back to life in glorious Colour.

The mounted prints are available at £19.99 each or a set of 12 for £199.99
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2. The 2013 Richard Lander Explorer Calender
Containing all 12 of the above River Niger sketches,; follow the story of Richard & John Lander's  discovery of the termination of the River Niger in  1830, 'month by month' together with the exact location where each sketch was drawn.
Available at £12.99 plus p&p 

3. DVD of the Richard Lander Anniversary Expedition : 2004
4. 200th Anniversary cup: celebrating the 200th anniversary since the birth of Richard Lander; produced in Truro in 2004
Available for sale at £7.99 plus p&p


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